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Interpreting Services


Interpreting involves the exchange of meaning between two (or more) languages that are rendered verbally, in real-time. It can be performed onsite or remotely via video or telephone, consecutively or simultaneously, and with or without the use of equipment such as a booth and/or headphones. I specialize in interpreting work in the fields of healthcare, medicine, law, and business. Below are more details about the specifics of the most typical scenarios for interpreting services I provide.

Legal Depositions & Hearings


I will go to your place of business or an administrative office to help you communicate with Portuguese-speaking clients, witnesses, or other deponents. Because of my native English skills, you and the stenographer will have no trouble understanding every word I say and meaning transfer is seamless; because of my native Brazilian Portuguese skills, the Portuguese-speaking individual will also fully comprehend what you are saying (through my words). Wondering what I sound like in English or Portuguese?

Conference Interpreting


Whether it's in the booth or using wireless transmitters, I can help transform your next event into a bilingual experience. This is my newest area of service delivery and I have attended advanced training workshops at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and Glendon College to prepare for it. For this type of assignment, I work in the medical, business, and education fields.

Phone & Video Interpreting


I provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting remotely -- over a phone line or with a video link -- to connect clients who are training employees through monthly worldwide webinars, providing business coaching, delivering a progress report for a clinical trial, and holding a meeting with a potential business partner. This solution eliminates the need for travel and works quite well for some types of bilingual interaction.

American English accent - Elena Langdon
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Brazilian Portuguese accent - Elena Langdon
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