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Translation usually means the transfer of meaning between two or more languages in a written format. Today it includes non-document formats such as websites, movie and video subtitles, audio transcription, and much more.

I am certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) in Portuguese-to-English translation, a credential I earned by passing a test with an approval rate of 17%. Most of my work these days is in the other direction. I specialize in healthcare, law, business, and audiovisual media. Below are some of the typical projects I have worked on. I am open to new opportunities as well.



This is straightforward translation, from or into Portuguese. I can work in Microsoft Office files, scanned documents, PDFs, and other formats. I use Trados Studio 2014 and Dragon Naturally Speaking, among other tools. Examples of documents I translate regularly include:

  • personal documents such as birth certificates and educational transcripts

  • legal contracts

  • healthcare pamphlets

  • educational materials

Subtitling & Voice-Overs


I have a degree in broadcast journalism and experience shooting, narrating, and editing video for a living. I have subtitled documentaries and art movies from Brazil and I have voiced training modules in Portuguese for GE employees.



I provide English and Portuguese transcription of audio and video files as well as transciption-translation services. I also have recorded an oral translation of audio files.

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