• Elena Langdon

The day has arrived!

Today I am hosting another webinar for interpreter trainers through the NCIHC Trainers Webinars workgroup. I am very excited about this one, for many reasons. First, it's about a very important topic: LGBTQIA health and language access. Second, it's with guest trainers Tim Moriarty, my former and wonderful boss at Baystate Medical Center, and the equally wonderful Jorge Ungo. Third, it's the first in a series of webinars dealing with sensitive topics.

If you are an interpreter trainer or a healthcare interpreter, you should watch the webinar tonight. It's free for NCIHC members and $25 for folks who aren't. It's 90 minutes and starts at 6pm EST (3pm PST). CCHI and ATA have awarded CEUs to the webinar, so go ahead and register now!


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