• Elena Langdon

Why attend a professional conference?

Continuing education is essential for all professionals, including interpreters and translators. It's even in the Standards of Practice, and of course required if you are certified or otherwise credentialed. I love learning and cannot stop. This past week alone, I enrolled in two courses through EdX, registered for the NCIHC Annual Membership Meeting, signed up for a live event about patient engagement, and listened to several podcasts on biology and technological advances in medicine.

I love learning so much I make sure all my students know the importance of continuing their work once they complete a basic training as medical interpreters or translators. I also organize conferences and professional meetings because of this deeply held commitment to help others learn, grow, and network in a professional setting.

But because I cannot answer the question in this blog post with "because of love," I've put together some concrete reasons why I believe everyone should attend professional conferences.

Here is the first reason (four more to come):

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